Corporate messenger – use cases and benefits

Kirill Tolmachev
Kirill Tolmachev
16 Apr 2019

For enterprises, internal messaging and communication are the lifeblood of all processes. Today, business is moving at breakneck speed, and it is often vital to communicate a message as soon as possible. While the importance of internal corporate communication is beyond doubt, and the market is full of communication tools, let’s see why it may be reasonable to implement a custom chat software solution.

Customization options

When using a public communication solution, such as Slack or Skype, you need to follow the rules. The functionality you get is what is available in the common package, and you are getting the features you do not need and not getting those that are important.

With a customizable tool, you get sufficient flexibility to adapt the functionality to the needs of a particular enterprise. If your flows require voice conferencing with a recording option – you have it. If you only need the text chat – you can have that.

Of course, customization also includes the possibility to design the chat in the corporate style using the colors and logos that represent the enterprise.

Instant asynchronous communication for routine matters

Of all forms of internal communication, corporate text chat is probably the most versatile. Texting allows reaching out to colleagues when telephone calls or personal meetings are inconvenient or hard to arrange and emails take too much time.

In an enterprise application, a text chat allows communicating your message to colleagues almost immediately. Even if your addressee is currently offline, text messages are usually delivered with audio notifications or popups alerting the user of an incoming message.

Text chat allows users to respond at their convenience without distracting them from their activities. At the same time, it is faster than emailing. According to the statistics, almost 40% of people check their inboxes 1 to 3 times per day. In this respect, text chatting is obviously more effective. For example, Viber found that 95% of text messages are read within three minutes after sending them.

Such factors make text chatting a very convenient means of routine communication that is faster than emailing and, on the other hand, less intrusive than phone calls.

Security and confidentiality

First, an internal corporate messenger is secured by authorization. Only users with corporate accounts can have access to internal communication tools.

However, the security options offered by an internal communication solution are much wider. You can implement a multi-level access system assigning permissions to certain positions, departments, management levels, etc.

In addition, an internal messenger can be used to form groups or channels accessible only by invitation. This feature provides an additional layer of security and confidentiality already within the enterprise perimeter by allowing access on the “need to know” basis. This way, extremely sensitive matters remain within the group of the employees they concern directly.

Virtual meeting rooms

Today, large enterprises may have a truly global scale with different departments located on different continents. For them, having the option of holding a real-time meeting is one of the reasons for choosing a particular communication tool.

Advanced communication solutions provide both audio and video conferencing options. During such virtual meetings, users can also share screens, send text messages, upload files, and record entire meetings or their parts. Such real-time conferences are a perfect solution for holding regular sync-ups, product demonstrations, project planning sessions, and a lot more.

On-the-move updates

For field personnel and traveling employees, a mobile messenger is a great means of maintaining contact with their back-office colleagues. Here, the use cases are virtually unlimited – from real-time instructions to service personnel and quick updates about urgent matters to virtual meetings with people who are on the move.

With a mobile messenger installed on a smartphone, employees can remain abreast of what is going on in their departments and contribute their input during important discussions. At the same time, a complete solution consisting of a desktop and mobile messenger version will cover all possible communication needs, both for office personnel and their traveling colleagues.

Communication tool for mobile teams

For enterprises using mobile teams in their business, an internal communication solution is a means for teams to maintain contact. When a team creates a dedicated chat or channel, it becomes their space for resolving routine and urgent matters promptly.

When the whole team is on the same channel, it is easy to discuss and organize duty rosters, find replacements in case of unplanned absences, come up with solutions for emergencies. Besides, the team channel can be used to organize a brainstorming session when a quick response is required.

How QuickBlox can resolve all communication needs of an enterprise?

QuickBlox API and SDK create a customizable communication solution that can be deployed at the enterprise scale. With QuickBlox, you are getting outstanding flexibility in selecting the required functionality and forming a communication tool fully corresponding to your business needs. You can choose to set up text, audio, and video communication or select only those formats that suit your purposes.

In our communication products, we implement the most advanced security mechanisms. Together with a comprehensive access management system, they allow building a secure communication app ensuring proper data protection. We use data encryption to protect your communications from compromise and host our servers in cloud services by reputed providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

We will be glad to consult you on integrating an internal communication solution for your enterprise. Contact us and we will help you build a communication app that works exactly as you wanted.

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